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Pedestrian Signs for Any Location or Situation

Impact Recovery carries pedestrian signs for all purposes.  Whether your organization needs lightweight, portable signage, or products suitable for long-term installation, you’ll find what you need in our extensive inventory.  Our trained staff members are glad to advise you on all aspects of sign maintenance.  In this post, we will focus on basic traffic sign design principles.

Engineered for Safety

The MUTCD specifies key principles that should underlie sign design.  These include:

  • Need fulfillment.  The sign should have a clearly designated purpose that fills an important public purpose.
  • Prominence.  The sign should be conspicuous enough to command the public’s attention, both up close and from a reasonable distance away.
  • Clarity.  The sign should convey a simple, important message as clearly as possible.
  • Respect.  The sign should be professional in design and convey its message in an official manner.
  • Adequate response time.  Drivers should be able to adjust their speed or other driving behavior well before they reach the sign.

Purposes Served by Pedestrian Signs

The developed world is beginning to step away from an automobile-dominated infrastructure to one that encourages people to use alternate means of transportation, such as walking.  The purpose of pedestrian signs is to protect these individuals from accidents or other mishaps. Common forms the signage may take include:

  • Short-term temporary crosswalk signs that remain in place during designated times and then are removed for storage.  These are common sites in school zones, at medical clinics, on Sunday mornings around houses of worship, and at large public events like concerts and fairs.
  • Long-term or permanent signage that marks official crossways or alerts pedestrians to special conditions.
  • Enhanced-visibility signs that use flashing beacons or other improvements to stand out in densely packed urban environments.

All of these types of pedestrian signs serve the same basic role of safeguarding the public.  Ensuring their ability to do so is a top priority of both Impact Recovery and our valued clients.  Contact us today if we can assist you.