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A Portable Stop Sign Can Come in Handy

portable-stop-signA portable stop sign is an extremely versatile tool for highway and public safety departments.  In many ways, it's like health or life insurance.  You may only use it once or twice, but the occasions in which it comes in handy more than justify the investment.

Living in an Uncertain World

Modern life depends upon technology functioning reliably at all times.  As long as electric lines transmit power, telephone wires carry information and wireless systems support the Internet, all is well.  Of course, any number of things can disrupt this usual pattern.  Weather-related disasters, earthquakes, civil unrest, economic downturns, and criminal or terrorist activity can quickly make the world seem out of control, at least for a time.  When the unusual occurs, a portable stop sign can help to safeguard human life and property.

Portable Stop Sign Use and the MUTCD

The MUTCD places a portable stop sign under the category of temporary traffic control (TTC) devices.  While the protocols for using these products are highly detailed, we can summarize the primary guidelines in simplest terms as follows:

• Only use a portable stop sign or other TTC measure for as limited a period of time as possible.  For example, in the case of a mass power outage that affects signal lights, a crew may set up temporary signage and leave it in place until the utility is back up and running
• Use additional devices to increase the portable stop sign’s visibility.  Possibilities include flares, solar lights and human traffic guides.
• Try to give advance notice of a portable stop sign so motorists have the opportunity to adjust their driving habits.  This will minimize the odds of accidents.

There is no perfect tool for safeguarding the public during emergency conditions.  However, a portable stop sign, like other TTC devices, can make all the difference when it comes to protecting the public.  Contact Impact Recovery today to add these useful products to your inventory.