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Product Bulletin: Retro-Reflective Sheeting

Effective December 2011, Impact Recovery Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce a product enhancement in the reflective sheeting for the IRS® line of MUTCD compliant Pedestrian Signs (R1-6 & R1-6a). Specifically, a decision has been made to upgrade the sheeting on these signs to a more flexible, diamond grade sheeting product with the goal of improving the performance of our industry-leading devices, by providing unparalleled improvements in
the following areas:

• Impact resistance - Reduced cracking and chipping, resulting in prolonged sign life and improved performance.

• Increased conspicuity – Greatly improved retro-reflectivity at both direct and off angles.

• Sheeting flexibility - Flexible properties of new sheeting resulting in a reduction in occasional edge cracking seen with earlier sheeting.

In an effort to eliminate the need to increase pricing due to additional costs of this superior new sheeting, we will no longer sheet the lower 8” bib section of our standard In-Street Pedestrian signs. This change will allow IRS® to continue to maintain our 2006 pricing levels without the need for an increase. The bib sheeting change will not affect the OmniPed® and Solestrian products. All signs will continue to remain 100% MUTCD compliant. This change is being phased in effective immediately and will begin shipping as previous model stocks are depleted. For customers with specific demands, 3M DG³ sheeting may now be available in limited runs as a custom option, though cost and schedule premiums may apply due to smaller production runs.

For further information, please contact customer service at 1-800-736-4477 or visit our website at http://www.impactrecovery.com