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Promoting Urban Parking Lot Safety

Parking lot safety has received increased attention in recent years due to the growing urbanization of the United States.  As the volume of motor vehicles increases, so will the number of crimes and injuries that occur in parking areas.  Curbing this trend requires both public education and modifications to parking lot designs.


Parking Lot Safety: What the Public Should Know

  • Parking lots are designed for the needs of drivers, not pedestrians. Therefore, people on foot should exercise special care when walking in these areas.
  • Those on foot should never assume a driver can see them.  Often, pedestrians see a vehicle several seconds before the motorist notices them.
  • Pedestrians should walk in groups while crossing parking lots whenever possible.
  • For their part, motorists should always be alert for pedestrians when driving in parking lots.
  • When possible, drivers should park in such a way they don’t have to back their vehicles out of a parking space.
  • Drivers should always obey parking lot speed limits.
  • Parking garages present special hazards for drivers and pedestrians.  Both groups should be extremely cautious when moving around these areas.


Parking Lot Safety and Public Space Design

  • Parking lot designers should strive to make parking areas as open and visible as possible during all hours of the day and night.
  • Large bunches of trees or bushes make perfect hiding spots for criminals.  For this reason, vegetation should be kept to a minimum.
  • Parking lot designs should make generous use of both overhead lights and reflective materials.
  • Parking lot safety notices and speed limits should be prominently posted for both motorists and pedestrians.
  • When budgets permit, parking lots should be kept under video surveillance at all times. Signs should inform visitors that security cameras are in use.


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