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Safety Bollards for Contraflow Bicycle Lanes

Safety bollards have always been useful for marking bicycle lanes.  Now, with the popularity of contraflow bike lanes, using bollards is more important than ever to ensure the safety of both cyclists and motorists.


Contraflow Bike Lanes: a Growing Trend

Contraflow lanes allow bicycles to travel in the opposite direction of motorists.  In cities with substantial numbers of one-way streets, these lanes benefit cyclists in many ways, including the following. They:

  • Reduce motorist/cyclist conflicts
  • Allow cyclists to safely enter the flow of traffic at all points
  • Provide safe, easy access to popular destinations
  • Reduce the distance cyclists must travel on roads used by motorists
  • Offer cyclists safer, more pleasant routes of travel without interfering with motor vehicle traffic


To maximize the safety of everyone who uses public roads, contraflow bicycle lanes should only be placed on streets with the following characteristics:

  • Low volumes of vehicular traffic
  • Sufficient room to construct a contraflow lane to the left of motorists’ direction of travel
  • Substantial current use by cyclists
  • A minimum number of intersecting alleys, driveways, or streets
  • Enough room for signs advising motorists that a contraflow lane is present


Impact of Existing Contraflow Lanes in Major Urban Areas

Contraflow lanes have existed in cities like Cambridge, Massachusetts; Madison, Wisconsin; and Portland, Oregon, for well over a decade.  In each city, they have significantly improved traffic flow, reduced the number of bicycle/motor vehicle accidents, and enhanced the usability of public roadways for everyone.  They’re especially helpful around large colleges and universities where hundreds or even thousands of students commute to and from classes on bicycles.


The Role of Safety Bollards in Marking Contraflow Lanes

Safety bollards, with their high visibility and sturdy construction, are extremely useful on streets with contraflow bicycle lanes. They remind motorists to watch out for bike riders. They also remind cyclists to stay within the lane’s boundaries. Together, these two safety measures can help both motorists and bike riders stay safe on the nation’s roadways.


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