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Safety Bollards Take Many Forms

Modern safety bollards have evolved to take many forms.  Though their appearance may vary, their primary purpose remains the same: to safeguard the public by controlling access to off-limits areas.  At the same time, these irreplaceable products may perform double duty by also having multiple functions.  Safety bollards can also double as the following things:

  • Works of art.  It is not unusual to see safety bollards designed as statues, planters and other aesthetically pleasing objects.  This removes one of the primary objections to these products: their often utilitarian appearance. By combining style with substance, safety bollards can help beautify surroundings while protecting the public.
  • Lighting devices.  Many safety bollards have been modified to incorporate LEDs or long-lasting light bulbs powered either by built-in solar panels or with wires strung from the electrical grid.  In this form, they can help deter crime as well as enhance public safety by illuminating dark areas.
  • Public notices that guide rather than prohibit.  Common examples include the ever-familiar orange cones seen around construction areas as well as flexible, high-visibility signs designed to bend or break away if struck by a vehicle.  These safety bollards control traffic flow by persuasion rather than power.  They are ideal for environments in which permanent high-security safeguards are unneeded or inappropriate.

Deciding what types of safety bollards to use in a particular location comes down to assessing the area's need for signage, coupled with what is most effective and aesthetically pleasing.  Wise public planning seeks a balance between priorities such as safety, beauty and accessibility.

Safety bollards will continue to be a vital and effective part of our country’s transportation systems, but that doesn’t mean that they must be imposing, unattractive or strictly utilitarian.  When properly designed and installed, safety bollards can make an area both safer and more attractive.