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Six Traffic Safety Products That Benefit Any Community

Traffic safety products play a vital role in keeping the public safe, both by preventing accidents and providing important information.  Below are six items that benefit any community.

1. Vertical Deflection Traffic Calming Devices
This is a term that refers to several different traffic safety products, including speed bumps, dynamic speed bumps, and speed tables.  Speed bumps, known as sleeping policemen in the UK and judder bars in New Zealand, consist of 3-4” humps in the roadway that are usually 1’ or less in width.  They force vehicles to slow down very quickly due to the unpleasant jarring sensation they create when a driver speeds over them.

Dynamic speed bumps perform the same role as conventional bumps, but are only activated if an approaching vehicle is traveling above the posted speed limit.  Some are made of heavy rubber that is filled with air and controlled by an attached valve that releases air for cars and trucks traveling the legal limit and retains it when a motorist is speeding.  These devices can be deactivated for emergency responder vehicles.

Speed tables are similar to conventional speed bumps but differ in that they’re as wide as the entire length of most vehicles.  Designers usually add a narrow depression in the center of the table.  Speed tables have a similar effect as speed bumps, but the potential effect on vehicles is not as severe.

2. Flashing Speed Limit Signs
These traffic safety products are especially useful in small towns surrounded by rural areas.  Drivers grow accustomed to traveling at highway speeds on wide country lanes, so they need a reminder when approaching small communities.  Flashing speed limit signs offer higher visibility than traditional signage, making them more noticeable to motorists.

3. Digital Speed Signs
These serve a supplemental role to speed limit signs by notifying drivers of how fast their vehicles are moving.  Their purpose is to provide feedback to those who may be distracted or unaware that they are violating local speed limits.  These signs are portable and can be moved from one to another location as needed.

4. Flashing Railroad Signs
Like flashing speed limit signs, these traffic safety products supplement traditional crossing signage.  They can be set to flash constantly or only when a vehicle is approaching.

5. Bollards
This refers to the traditional safety bollard that restricts vehicle access to sensitive areas such as parking zones in front of government building and paths reserved for foot traffic.  These products have become more common since the events of September 11, 2001 due to the ever-present threat of terrorism in public areas.  Their primary purpose is often masked by adding aesthetic touches such as flowerbeds, statues, and works of art.  The term bollard can also refer to traffic bollards that are used to channel vehicle flow in desired directions.

6. Rumble Strips
Also known as growlers, sleeper lines, and audible lines, rumble strips alert tired drivers to the fact that they’re veering off the road by producing an unpleasant rumbling sound as the vehicle’s tires drive over them.  They can be placed at a 90-degree angle to the direction of approaching vehicles, parallel to the road surface along its shoulder, or on top of highway centerlines to prevent motorists from crossing over into the opposite lane.  They serve as reminders to inattentive or distracted drivers, rather than as physical barriers.

Challenges to public safety continue to increase as the number of drivers goes up and the occurrence of distracted driving due to mobile devices such as Smartphones becomes more frequent.  Using the traffic safety products described in this article can help any community make its public roads safer for all users.  Contact Impact Recovery today to learn about more products that can help in your community.