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Solar Traffic Signs: The Backing Technology

A clear trend is emerging in society today: to be more environmentally-friendly in terms of the products we use.  The same trend can be seen in the way cities and local governments use energy to keep our roads functional and safe to use.  Solar energy has become a popular option to power everything from traffic lights to illuminated signs.  There are a variety of situations in which this technology can be a great money saver for officials charged with the task of keeping our roads safe.   

The Solar Metro

Impact Recovery has developed a revolutionary patented LED solar technology used in some of its products.  The Solar Metro, for example, is a molded device that gives directional guidance to pedestrians and motorists during both day and night.  The sign is lit internally and runs on solar LED technology.  This innovation requires no external power source, making it cost effective and efficient for a variety of applications.  At full charge, the Metro provides up to 375 hours of illumination. 


Intersections are one of the most dangerous pedestrian areas today.  The Solestrian model utilizes the same LED solar technology to remain visible at poorly-lit intersections or to enhance better-designed intersections.  The sign is fully customizable to include warnings or information about laws to motorists and/or pedestrians.  It also features patented anti-twist technology that is resistant to impacts from vehicles.  This solar traffic sign’s design features and functionality earned it the ATSSA 2010 award for innovation. 

The demand for more energy-efficient solutions is growing daily.  Local municipalities are responding with the implementation of solar traffic signs.  Traffic control signs that use lighting or digital messages can consume a great amount of energy, so solar-powered signs are a great alternative.