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The Basics of Platform Safety when Riding City Trains

Teaching the basics of platform safety is essential for preventing accidents.  As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, commuters will rely more and more on high-speed rail to get them to their destinations.  While these systems offer unparalleled convenience and speed, they can also prove deadly if riders fail to exercise basic precautions.  In this post we will cover the essentials of rail platform safety.

·       Stay alert.  Trains can come from either direction at any time of day or night, so stay aware of what’s going on around you.

·       If possible, avoid using a cell phone or headset while on the platform.

·       Remember that trains are wider than their tracks.  It’s important to give them a wide berth when standing on the platform.  Keep at least six feet away from the edge when not boarding or disembarking.

·       Take note of painted or raised markings and obey official signage.  This is a key tip for platform safety.

·       Use care when getting on or off the train; in most locations there is a gap between the car and the platform.  Be aware of this so you don’t trip or fall into the open space.

·       Use extra caution during inclement weather.  A wet or icy platform can be extremely dangerous.  Use appropriate footwear such as rubber-soled shoes when needed.

·       Maintain platform safety for yourself and others by keeping an eye out for suspicious persons or activities.  Report anything out of place to authorities.

·       Wait for the train to come to a complete stop before approaching the tracks.

·       Listen for official announcements over the intercom system.

·       If possible, arrive at the station several minutes before the train’s scheduled arrival.  This will help to prevent you from becoming inattentive because you’re in a rush.

·       Part of rail platform safety is practicing good housekeeping.  For this reason, dispose of all trash in the appropriate litter receptacles.  Not only will this help to keep your city clean, but it will also prevent spills and other hazards on the platform.

·       Use special caution when riding the train after dark.  Stay in well-lit areas and close to police officers or security guards if possible.

·       When traveling alone, maximize your safety by sitting as close to the operator as possible.  Avoid sitting with or near strangers whenever you can.

·       Never try to hold the door open.

·       Be courteous to your fellow passengers; allow others to disembark before entering your car.  Remember that seats are first-come first-served; always allow the elderly or those with mobility challenges to sit.

·       Try to spread out while waiting for a train.  When everyone moves together in a crowd, it’s easy to trip or cause others to stumble.

·       Modern trains travel at high speeds that can cause wind gusts in excess of 100 miles per hour.  Remember this when waiting for your train to arrive.

·       Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking while on the platform.

·       Remember that modern trains are virtually silent when compared to those built just a few years ago.  So don’t rely on noises to know when one is approaching.

·       Help to spread the word about rail platform safety by teaching others the tips discussed in this article.  Doing so is not only good citizenship, but it also may prevent an accident from happening to you or someone you love.

Some Ideas for Promoting Rail Platform Safety

·       Post notices on trains and in stations for travelers to read.

·       Contact school officials about holding platform safety fairs or seminars for students.

·       Talk to local media officials about using TV or radio broadcasts to share platform safety tips.

The guidelines in this post are a good introduction to the topic of rail platform safety.  Use them to help prevent accidents and promote public well-being in your area.