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The Importance of Bollard Signs

Bollard signs have become increasingly prominent sights in both public and private spaces over the past several years.  As cities become more densely packed and the planet grows increasingly urbanized, they will play ever greater roles in public welfare.  This is true for the following reasons:

1. The signage can be prominently displayed, especially when the sign is mounted on top of an existing bollard, such as those found in front of parking spaces.  Such bollards typically rise approximately one meter high, providing a handy perch to mount signs on.  Traffic studies have shown that the addition of less than a meter in signage height makes a significant difference in how quickly motorists perceive public notices.
2. With a removable signage arrangement, signs can be changed at will to meet evolving needs.  This is a simple matter of installing a standard sized metal sleeve in the top of the bollard, as well as a locking mechanism to prevent removal or tampering.
3. Attaching signage to existing pedestrian or traffic bollards protects them from damage by motor vehicles, due to the bollards’ exceptionally sturdy structure.  Low-speed collisions with signs are common in parking areas, due to careless or inattentive drivers.  However, bollards both discourage such accidents (due to their high degree of prominence) and mitigate their effects on important notices when they do occur.
4. Bollards also enhance signage prominence by the fact that they are traditionally painted high-profile colors, such as bright orange and yellow.  This is especially significant in today’s urban environment, where drivers are subjected to ever-increasing competition for their attention from both public and private notices.

Urban planners and safety engineers will face ever-greater challenges in the years to come, as the world’s growing population increasingly flocks to large cities in pursuit of economic opportunities.  Bollard signs have an important role to play in ensuring public safety in these tightly packed environments, and their use should be greatly encouraged.

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