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The Major Types of Impact Recovery Systems

bollardsImpact recovery systems, also referred to as "street furniture" in Canada and the UK, are essential for public safety and wellbeing.  These ever-useful products fall into a range of categories depending on their construction and intended use. They include:

  • Bollards.  These are short poles, pillars, or other structures designed to prevent or deter access to off-limits areas.  Bollards range from light, portable, flexible units designed for low-security areas to huge, imposing, virtually indestructible landmarks.  While the exact construction and design of bollards varies widely, their basic purpose remains the same across applications.
  • Signs and signalized devices.  These include both temporary and permanent non-powered signage and powered traffic lights and signals.  Their purpose is to convey vital information in a highly visible manner to the public.  Common aspects of their design include simplicity, durability and high visibility.
  • Traffic calming products.  The most recognizable examples of this category are commonly seen in residential and business districts.  The purpose of these devices is to induce drivers to reduce speed and exercise enhanced awareness of their surroundings.
  • Street-level markings.  These are used for a wide range of purposes, such as marking approved crosswalks, delineating bike lanes and advising motorists of upcoming hazards.  They are generally yellow or white in color and must be refinished every few years to counter the effects of the elements and use-related wear.

Some types of impact recovery systems serve two or more purposes simultaneously.  For example, pedestrian benches are common sites at bus stops, in parks and in front of public buildings.  They are intended both for user comfort and, quite often, as traffic calming or access restriction devices such as bollards.  Other types of multi-purpose impact recovery systems include foliage planters and statuettes.

The term "impact recovery systems" includes a wide range of products and devices designed with public safety in mind.  Their importance will only increase in years to come as industrial and economic development continues to flourish.