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The TIRF And International Traffic Safety

As the world develops in terms of economy and infrastructure, international traffic safety research becomes increasingly more important.  In Canada, this need is met by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF).  This organization’s studies focus primarily on the subject of driver safety in the Canadian provinces, but its findings have value for authorities in the United States and other nations as well.


Basic Facts about TIRF

The TIRF was founded in 1964.  It operates as a private non-profit group governed by a board of directors that represents common Canadian and American interests, and is funded by contracts, grants, and private donations.  Its official website can be found here.  The TIRF provides important insight and data regarding international traffic safety that benefits all levels of society.  These include:


  • Governments – The TIRF offers practical, evidence-based input into the causes of traffic accidents, as well as ways to prevent them from occurring.
  • Industry – The TIRF works with private companies to develop effective traffic safety products and policies.
  • The public – The TIRF provides practical safety-related tips to everyday motorists.


Areas of Emphasis

While all aspects of traffic safety fall under the TIRF’s purview, this group focuses especially on issues regarding teenage and impaired driving, as these two areas account for a disproportionate number of driving-related accidents and injuries.  The TIRF works with government and private sources to develop ways to address these problems, and its efforts include: initiatives such as developing a graduated driver’s license system in which new motorists receive increased privileges only after demonstrating responsible driving practices; installing alcohol interlocks on motor vehicles to prevent their operation by intoxicated persons; conducting public awareness campaigns; holding educational seminars on driving safety issues; and reaching out to young drivers and their parents to ensure that minors have the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate motor vehicles.


With its focus is on improving safety for all drivers, The TIRF is a valuable partner to similar agencies in the United States and overseas, and its research and initiatives serve as good examples for international traffic safety across the globe.