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Traffic Delineators for Toll Plazas

Traffic delineators come in many different shapes, styles and sizes, and are commonly spotted at any place that needs to guide traffic.  For instance, they are frequently seen in parking lots near golf courses, airports and shopping malls.  However, these tools are not just for directing traffic in consumer parking zones.  In fact, traffic delineators are one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to channel traffic into toll plazas.

High quality delineators are affordable, and they offer a solution that, in most cases, is safer than some of the strategies that are currently in place to channel traffic in these areas.  For example, many state highways opt to use orange cones to delineate highway traffic because they are cheap, easy to move, durable, and easily understood by most drivers.  However, when these cones are used to direct traffic around a toll booth, they often require the attendant to move them.  This can be incredibly dangerous for the toll booth attendant.

As an alternative to these cones, many state highway officials are opting to purchase traffic delineators.  A good delineator should be durable enough to handle rugged weather and road conditions.  For instance, it should not have small crevices that can easily get clogged by dirt or gravel.  Like a cone, it should also be able to withstand the impact of a vehicle traveling at fast speeds.  In addition, the delineator should not cause substantial damage to the impacting vehicle.

To reduce the number of vehicles that may hit the delineator, it should either be reflective or easily adaptable for reflectivity.  If it is impacted, it should spring back to its regular condition without listing to the side.  Highway managers should keep these characteristics in mind when they are selecting their traffic delineators.  If these conditions are met, traffic delineators are the perfect solution to safely and effectively guide traffic through toll plazas.