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Traffic Panels Serve Multiple Uses

Traffic panels are the workhorses of transportation and public safety departments.  They can help to direct traffic, warn drivers of approaching obstructions and other hazards, mark the boundaries of work zones, channelize traffic lanes, and help delineate secured areas.  Here are some of the specific types of markers Impact Recovery carries:

  • General-purpose hazard markers can serve in a variety of roles.  Their prominent yellow and black striping enables them to quickly command the attention of drivers.  They’re light weight for easy transport, yet durable for long-term use in even high-stress environments.
  • Our K-markers advise oncoming traffic of obstructions either within or close to a public road.  They're especially useful for marking the nose of a traffic island.  The tri-panel design offers visual prominence and highly reflective qualities.  They're also appropriate in any location that calls for a Type II object marker.
  • Our work zone lane separators help safeguard road crews and equipment by alerting drivers to their presence.  They can also create temporary traffic lanes or serve as barricades to cordon off restricted areas.  This is one of our most versatile traffic panels.
  • Our higher target value object markers use Sergeant stripes to merge oncoming traffic into two separate lanes.  Their triangular pattern makes them especially useful for delineating highway gore areas.
  • Our directional warning signs warn drivers of sharp curves or distinct changes in road elevation.  Their bright chevron panels give them high visibility both day and night and in all types of weather.
  • Our temporary stop signs are for special situations in which other types of traffic panels will not meet the need.  Everyday traffic lights or permanent stop signs can fail, making these markers a handy tool to keep on hand.

Impact Recovery carries other types of traffic panels as well.  Each of these products meets or exceeds the standards set by the current edition of the MUTCD.  Contact us for more information.