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Traffic Safety Products Important for Rail Crossing Safety

In America, a train hits someone every 115 minutes. Nearly 2,000 people in the country are injured or killed from rail crossings each year. This number is greater than general and commercial aviation crashes combined. This has increased the need for motorists to exercise rail crossing safety when driving near train tracks, with the aid of cross-over deterrent devices.

The majority of train collisions occur with motor vehicles, often when there are not adequate traffic safety products in place. Two-thirds of collisions take place during the day. Even if the crossing is equipped with appropriate warning devices, many drivers are susceptible to inattention.

An average train weighs over 12 million pounds, giving it a 4000:1 weight ratio over an average car. When a car gets hit by a train, results can be catastrophic. In this type of collision, a motorist is 40 times more likely to die compared to a car vs. car collision.

There are dozens of simple practices that can help motorists to avoid accidents on the railway. Remember that trains can approach at any time, so keep an eye out for them. Slow down when approaching the rail crossing and always look both ways before traversing the tracks. Drivers should also avoid passing other vehicles within 100 feet of the rail crossing.

Tuff Curb for Rail Crossing Safety
Despite all these warnings, however, some motorists will throw caution to the wind and try to go around the crossing arms.  Installation of Impact Recovery System’s Tuff Curb® can provide excellent train/motorist accident prevention. Ideally, the Tuff Curb can be placed on either side of the crossing barriers at centerline, to keep motorists from driving around them when a train is approaching. This product is designed to channel traffic and maintain lane boundaries at rail crossings, to deter vehicles from attempting to avoid the safety gates. Tuff Curb offers maximum visibility during the day and night, helping to attract motorists’ attention as they approach a rail crossing.

Tuff Curb is durable, fade-resistant, and is federally-approved as a traffic safety product. With easy installation and no disruption of natural water drainage, Tuff Curb is perfect for at-grade rail safety.