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Tuff Post Products Provide Reliable Service

Tuff Post products satisfy the need for strong, lightweight, mobile signage and barriers that adapt quickly to evolving needs with a minimum of effort and expense.  They accomplish this by using durable materials and innovative designs that are easily adapted to any transportation department’s priorities.  Yet they’re available from impact Recovery at prices that virtually any organization can afford, giving Tuff Post products excellent “bang for your buck” advantages.

Here are some of the countless uses for Tuff Post products:

  • Traffic channeling.  Permanent barriers are rarely necessary for effective channeling.  High-visibility markers mounted on quick-install bases can get the job done at minimal expense while reducing the effects of vehicle/barrier collisions.  Tuff Post products meet a crucial need in this era of tight operating budgets and conflicting priorities.
  • Access control/denial.  As with vehicle channelizing, access management rarely requires heavy-duty permanent barriers.  Mobile barricades are more than sufficient in casual and low-security situations.  Tuff Post products are ideal for these environments. Potential uses include marking foot or bicycle paths, creating temporary parking areas, forming cordons around crime scenes, and guiding traffic around maintenance crews.
  • Accident prevention.  All sorts of conditions can increase the risk of an accident.  These include damaged or decaying road surfaces, sharp curves, low shoulders, inclement weather events, and all types of unusual situations.  Safety and law enforcement agencies can quickly install Tuff Post products in such environments, preventing injuries and enhancing the orderly flow of traffic.

Tuff Post products are designed to accommodate multiple types of signage.  One post can support hazard markers, delineators, tubular markers, and even solar-powered lights.  Crews can join multiple markers with ropes or chains to define special-use areas.  Your imagination is the limit when it comes to potential uses for Tuff Post bases and signs.  Contact Impact Recovery today for more information or a personalized quote.