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What You Should Know About Custom Hazard Markers

Driving can be hazardous.  There are hundreds of thousands of traffic accidents in the United States every year.  Cities, municipalities, businesses and even private property owners will want to do everything possible to ensure that drivers are safe and steer clear of danger areas.  One way to go about this is to invest in high quality traffic safety products.

Some of the most useful, multi-faceted products are hazard markers.  Hazards are frequently present on nearly all roads. Areas such as bridge and culvert approaches, barrier end treatments, gore areas, and manholes present a real danger to motorists.   Hazard markers are used to notify and warn motorists of upcoming dangers.  Hazard markers can also be used to denote an area that has flooded, is icy, or is under repair. Markers can be used to warn approaching motorists of a guardrail or bridge.

Impact Recovery specializes in creating a wide range of road markers.  Besides hazard markers, we also create object markers, opposing traffic lane markers, vertical panels, Chevron panels and more.

These hazard markers come ready-made in three different sizes: 8"x 24", 12"x 24" or 12"x 36".  These standard markers are made with yellow and black stripes and are clearly visible even when it is dark.  Hazard markers are different from object markers; the latter are usually quite short and are white with a strip of yellow at the top.  Object markers denote a raised area in the road that a motorist will want to drive around, while hazard markers are multi-faceted and can be used to warn of various types of dangers.

A private company may also want to take advantage of these markers if an area of its parking lot cannot be driven through at any given time.  Investing in high quality hazard markers will provide a business or city with well-made, sturdy markers that can be used for many years.