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When Temporary Crosswalk Signs Are Useful

crosswalk signTemporary crosswalk signs serve a multitude of purposes.  They're especially helpful in areas where road construction is occurring, a new crosswalk is scheduled or where permanent crosswalk signs are damaged or nonfunctional.

Safeguarding the Public During Road Construction

Road construction projects disrupt people's normal routines.  This presents a potential danger to pedestrians, as motorists are unaccustomed to keeping an eye out for foot traffic in new work zones.  Temporary crosswalk signs provide a potent visual reminder to drivers to pay close attention to what's going on around them.  They can also steer pedestrians away from dangerous intersections and towards safe crosswalk locations.

Preparing for a New Permanent Crosswalk

From time to time, changing neighborhood demographics or traffic studies point out the need for a new crosswalk.  Temporary crosswalk signs can act as short-term measures in these areas until permanent safeguards are in place.  This gives both motorists and pedestrians time to adjust themselves to the altered environment.

Reacting to Emergency Situations

Both signalized and non-signalized permanent crosswalk signs and markings are sometimes damaged by inclement weather, traffic accidents or other unforeseen circumstances.  Temporary crosswalk signs play a crucial role during these times by safeguarding pedestrians until functional long-term measures are in place.

Principles for Using Temporary Crosswalk Signs

No product is perfect, and that includes temporary signage.  To get the most value out of temporary crosswalk signs, stick to these best practices:

  • Supplement the signs with human crossing guards or other additional measures when possible.
  • Remove temporary measures as soon as permanent ones are in place and functioning.
  • Consult the MUTCD for appropriate guidelines not mentioned in this post.

Temporary crosswalk signs are like lifeguards.  Most of the time they remain unused, but the benefits they offer when they are needed more than justify having them on hand at all times.