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When to Use an In-Street Pedestrian Crosswalk Sign

in-street pedestrian crosswalk signAn in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign is useful for many types of environments.  These include:

  • Streets with three or more lanes that require a pedestrian crossing zone.  The most common examples are found in urban areas where pedestrian and vehicle traffic exist side-by-side.  An in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign serves as a friendly reminder to motorists to watch out for those on foot.
  • Areas that see an uptick in pedestrian crossings at specific times of day or night.  School zones are one example.  Crossing guards and law enforcement agents commonly use an in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign during early morning and mid-afternoon hours when students are arriving or departing.  Places of worship, medical clinics, factories, and public event venues are other places where short-term crosswalk signage is a common sight.
  • Construction and accident zones that have a disruption of normal foot and motor vehicle traffic patterns.  Authorities may use an in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign in areas where both drivers and pedestrians are unaccustomed to seeing each other.  For example, road repairs may require rerouting crosswalks for a time until the project is completed.  In such cases, an in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign serves as a notice to drivers to be alert for those on foot.
  • Any area that’s had an increase in the number of pedestrian-vehicle accidents.  Safety engineers and authorities may add in-street crosswalk signage to these areas on an as-needed basis.  However, the MUTCD requires that formal studies be conducted before permanently adding in-street pedestrian markers to an area.

Traditionally, an in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign relies purely on its high visibility colors and height above the surrounding road surface to command attention.  In recent years, however, many departments have switched to solar-powered signage instead.  These products use flashing lights and other attention-grabbing devices to raise their profile.

An in-street pedestrian crosswalk sign is an important part of any public safety department's toolkit.  The need for these products will only increase in years to come.