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When to Use Tubular Markers

Tubular markers are similar to hazard markers in that they are meant to mark off a specific area.  These road safety devices warn motorists of conditions created by work activities, to guide road users, or to warn of some other road obstruction.  Markers and delineators should be used in conjunction with safety signs so that motorists know just what to expect ahead.

Tubular markers are different from hazard markers in that they are narrow and can fit on a street or highway space that does not have enough room for a large sign.  Tubular markers are commonly used to divide opposing lanes of traffic, channel traffic in the right direction, mark the edge of the road in case of a drop-off, and to mark urban turn restrictions.

Tubular markers can also be used in a parking lot, together with parking lot safety signs.  Safety signs such as handicapped parking space signs, stop signs and pedestrian crossing signs are important and useful.  Markers help to make a parking lot safe by indicating where a median is, or some other area that cars cannot drive through.  As markers are made using bright colors with retro-reflective material, they are clearly visible in the evening and at night.

Impact Recovery carries a wide range of tubular markers that can be used for many purposes.  There are a number of base options to choose from.  The first is a permanent base, which would serve well on highways or in parking lots. Impact Recovery also offers the convenience of quick release bases, which offer the ability to switch out signs quickly without the need for extra tools.  In-ground and snow-plowable bases are also available.   The road type and height of the marker will determine which type of base is the most appropriate.  The markers themselves come in seven different color options, with five different reflector/sheeting options.  The markers are also made in various heights and can be custom-made if desired.

Road markers are important, as they help to direct traffic and divert it from danger.  These markers should be well made, using high quality materials that will stand the test of time.  They can be used to divide traffic, divert it, or mark off an area that vehicles should not drive through.  Tubular markers, available in various sizes, color, and heights, are sure to provide the protection needed so that motorists can drive through an area without incident.