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In honor of National Bike Safety Month, we would like to highlight some of the ways that you can help keep cyclists safe out on the road. In 2021, the National Safety Council reported that 1,230 people died in bicycle-related accidents. We would like to discuss some helpful tips that can be used to prevent these accidents and how our products at Impact Recovery can help protect pedestrians and cyclists.

It is important for cyclists to have proper protection when they are on busy, public roads. Riding directly next to traffic leaves cyclists exposed and vulnerable to fatal accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, protected bike lanes reduce the risk of injury by 75% compared to unprotected bike lanes. This is why Impact Recovery offers an array of traffic safety products for pedestrians, such as our OmegaPost, MP2 post, and Tuff Post.

The OmegaPost is ideal for lane separation when managing heavy-loads and high-speed impacts. This product surpasses most industry posts due to its lightweight and high-speed impact tolerance.

The MP2 Post is ideal for lane separation and bike lane protection. This product is a flexible polyethylene delineator and channelization post, allowing it to stand alone with a base or pair with a Tuff Curb or Tuff Curb XLP.

The Tuff Post is a durable, flexible polypropylene delineator and channelization post. This product is intended to function as a lane divider and bike lane protector for use at lower speeds.

Remember to always take cyclists into consideration by driving with caution near bicycle lanes and making sure bike lanes are properly protected.

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In honor of National Supply Chain Day, Impact Recovery wanted to give a special shout out to Production and Purchasing Manager Barbara Cheatham. Barbara oversees everything from assembly to the shipping process out in the warehouse. With almost 20 years at Impact Recovery, we asked Barbara to share a few things for National Supply Chain Day.

The supply chain process has evolved immensely since Barbara first started working at Impact Recovery. According to Barbara, when she first started working at the company, they didn’t have an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to organize the flow of operations in the warehouse. This system allows employees to easily organize reports, schedules, and orders. While the addition has also proven to be efficient for keeping track of inventory, Barbara finds it important to not completely rely on computers and verify with physical count.

Barbara implemented daily production meetings and reports from the ERP system which are used to cross-check against inventory. While working closely with the warehouse management team to ensure that all individuals are playing their part to allow the supply chain to run smoothly.  

With the increase of delivery services such as Amazon Prime, it can be difficult for smaller companies to compete. However, Impact Recovery “strives very hard to get their customer everything they need on time.” Using daily schedules and strict timelines, Impact Recovery is dedicated to getting customers’ orders out on time. Cost is important as well, “always getting the cheap part is not the best route and we know that.” Impact Recovery is dedicated to delivering reliable products.

Impact Recovery just expanded its’ facility by building a third warehouse, so Barbara is excited about the future growth that will be bringing into the supply chain, “we’re striving to be bigger and broader.”

Impact Recovery wants to thank Barbara and her employees for all their hard work and for being part of Impact Recovery’s supply chain.

In honor of Work Zone Safety Week, we wanted to take a moment to highlight the importance of work zone safety products. Given the rise of construction projects around the nation, it’s important to install innovative products that are going to protect drivers, pedestrians, and construction workers on the road.  

According to an annual report from the NSC, in 2021 there was a total of 954 fatal crashes in work zones on roadways all over the United States. A total of 42,151 people were injured in work zone incidents. With an increase of construction zones nationally, it is important to take precautionary measures to avoid these disastrous outcomes. Impact Recovery offers an array of work zone safety products to protect not only the drivers on the road but the construction workers on site as well.

vertical panels - Work Zone Safety

Work zone vertical panels will help alert drivers to lane closures, channelized traffic, and opposing traffic lanes. These vertical panels are extremely durable and have the ability to remain upright when impacted.

WD Wright PA 4 - Work Zone Safety

In-street flagger warning signs signal to drivers that they should obey the flagger ahead and approach the work zone with caution, as there are workers on-site. These signs are vital for the protection of workers because they can increase the visibility of people in the road and decrease the chances of an accident.  

5ft chevrons 1 scaled 1 - Work Zone Safety

Chevron panels provide high visibility and warn drivers of potential hazards ahead. They are commonly used to alert drivers around sharp changes in road alignment and warn them of slowing down.

IMG 5821 b - Work Zone Safety

Lastly, our work zone opposing traffic lane divider helps increase the safety of work zones where traffic flow changes may become confusing to motorists. They are highly visible when placed on the centerlines, informing motorists of lane division and two-way traffic operations to help avoid collisions.  

Remember to always drive with caution through work zones, and mark hazards and work zone areas accordingly.

National & State Traffic Data. Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse. (2023, April 17). https://workzonesafety.org/work-zone-data/work-zone-fatal-crashes-and-fatalities/

We would like to give a shoutout to a few of our hard-working, long-term employees here at Impact RecoverySM who have recently celebrated important anniversaries with our company. We invite you to read more about these recognitions and what they enjoy most about working at Impact Recovery below.

Northeast Regional Sales Manager Tom Aber celebrated his ten-year anniversary with the company. President, Greg Hannah, congratulated Tom by presenting him with a ten-year plaque at our 2023 Annual Sales Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

Tom shares that what he has enjoyed most about working at Impact Recovery is working with the amazing customers, “I’ve never dreaded getting up and going to work.” One of his favorite memories working at Impact Recovery was when we hosted the Inaugural Sporting Clays at ATSSA, “It has become a huge event since then.”

In addition, Director of Business Development Tim Lang recently celebrated his five-year anniversary. Tim also mentioned that he has enjoyed working with the team, “We have a great group of people who work hard to get the job done.” Tim’s favorite thing about being a part of the team is the ability to participate in different committees in the traffic industry, including ATSSA, ARTBA, National Committee, and NTPEP. He says, “Each of these committees plays an important role in our industry and I am honored to be able to participate on behalf of our company.” 

We would also like to recognize Project Engineer, Patrick Boyle, and congratulate him on celebrating his five-year anniversary with the company. Patrick has enjoyed the “constant opportunity for learning and growing” that working at Impact Recovery has provided him these past five years. The most memorable part of working here for Patrick is, “Designing products and applications in the warehouse for the traffic safety world to meet specific criteria and high-performance requirements. “He also shares that he is appreciative of his coworkers saying, “They continue to inspire me to develop and improve my knowledge and skills.”

Congratulations on achieving these milestones and thank you sincerely for being a part of our team.

This Christmas Impact Recovery donated to six organizations. Making these donations on behalf of our valued customers gave us the opportunity to visit these worthy organizations in-person and learn more about what they do and why they’re vital to our community.  

  • Our first stop was a tour at the San Antonio Food Bank. We had an opportunity to see the warehouse where food donations are delivered and prepared. We also got to learn about the many other resources the San Antonio Food Bank provides, such as cooking classes, their Hunters for the Hungry Program, DaisyCares Pet Food Program, and their farms and gardens being used to feed the hungry in our community.  
  • Our second stop was meeting a couple of new intakes at the San Antonio Humane Society. We had the chance to hold Gilmore and Finley, while learning about the many resources and services offered for animals in general.  
  • Our third stop was the San Antonio office of the Wounded Warrior Project. This cause is near and dear to our hearts not only at Impact Recovery Systems, but also as a community here in San Antonio. We had the opportunity to speak with Regional Director Earl Fontenot about all the resources that they are currently providing for veterans here in San Antonio. They provide several programs for veterans who may have been injured in combat or may be struggling to adjust to life as a civilian. Earl also informed us that their office accepts the largest number of walk-ins.  
  • For our fourth stop, we visited Morgan’s Wonderland. We had the opportunity to tour Morgan’s Multi-Assistance Center (MAC) and learn about all the resources they provide to people with disabilities and special needs. Morgan’s Wonderland is the first truly accessible theme park in the world. Just down the road from the park is Morgan’s MAC. Morgan’s MAC has several amazing programs, such as Morgan’s Salon and Practice without Pressure. 
  • Lastly, we met with Central Texas Development Director Jessica Mendoza of Susan G. Komen, at our headquarters in San Antonio, Texas. She spoke with President Greg Hannah and Director of Marketing Liz Arnold about how Susan G. Komen is currently trying to expand their resources into Central and South Texas. She informed us of some amazing upcoming events, such as the pink tie guys and the PINK walk returning to San Antonio for the first time since 2019.  

Our team members in Europe had the opportunity to support three different organizations. The first one was Stichting AAP in the Netherlands. They focus on rescuing and rehabilitating exotic animals to give them a second chance at life. The second one was SOS Children’s Village in Austria. They provide care, education, and healthcare to vulnerable children for a brighter future. The last organization was the European Anti-Poverty Network in Belgium. They fight against poverty and social exclusion in the EU, ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens.   

Thank you to our customers for giving us the opportunity to be able to make these generous contributions to these amazing organizations, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  

{filedir 6}New Team Member Irina Nutten - Aarschot Welcomes New European Sales Director

We are excited to announce that Irina Nutten has joined Impact Recovery Systems, Inc.® as the European sales director. Irina is a motivated, accomplished business and management director with more than 20 years of experience in European industrial markets. She has worked with companies based in the EU and the UK, such as James Walker Townson Ltd and FAFNIR GmbH. Irina obtained her master’s degree in International Business and Management from ISCID in Dunkirk, France. 

With a strong background in sales and business development, management, and strategic planning, Irina has successfully managed different teams by bringing forward fresh ideas that leverage new technologies and strategies. She has achieved remarkable business and area sales growth through her strategies. Irina is also skilled in multilingual communication, speaking English, French, Russian, and some Dutch and German.

Irina comments, “I’m excited to work for Impact Recovery Systems® for several reasons. I’m genuinely impressed by the company’s products, culture, and team members. The products are exceptional in terms of quality, and the company’s culture is a great fit with my ideal work environment.”

Irina’s expansive background and experience with be a great asset to Impact Recovery Systems® as we position ourselves to grow our European market.