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Pushing the Limits of Performance

Our products are designed to save lives and protect critical assets. This means failure is not an option, which is why we continuously test everything we make to provide our customers with the high quality and lasting durability they expect. 

From day-to-day hits to preventing worst-case scenario accidents, we focus on recreating conditions our products could experience in the real world. 

With our in-house capabilities and independent third-party testing partners, we use dynamic, iterative testing protocols that go beyond industry standards to ensure our products deliver maximum performance throughout their lifetime.

Testing image 1 - Testing

Independent Third-Party Assessments

Impact RecoverySM has consistently set the benchmark for product performance through rigorous, ongoing testing and development. Our on-site testing capabilities utilize an inclined vehicle guidance ramp in conjunction with a variable mass testing vehicle that allows us to recreate repeated, highly precise impacts.

In addition, our in-house testing follows primary test protocols including the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program, the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware, and ANSI MH31.2.

We are committed to designing, engineering, and manufacturing products that protect people and property, making the world a safer place to live and work.

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ICON ramp - Testing

Inclined Vehicle Guidance Ramp

Optimized for creating
highly-precise impacts.

ICON scale - Testing

Variable Mass
Testing Vehicle

Customizable and engineered
for heavy, repeated industrial
barrier impacts.

ICON high speed video - Testing

High-Speed Video

On-board cameras for detailed
data acquisition and analysis.

ICON analysis - Testing

Concrete PSI Analysis

We measure the compressive strength of the concrete for more finite testing results.

Independent Third-Party Assessments

Impact Recovery partners with independent facilities, such as the Texas A&M Transportation Institute to evaluate cutting-edge transportation safety and security devices that will not only meet but exceed industry standards. In addition, we have worked hand in hand with industry leaders, the Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (part of the Material Handling Institute), and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute to create a standard testing methodologies specifically for the materials handling industry. This crucial, objective testing ensures that a barrier works just as intended — to save people’s lives.

ICON timer - Testing

Real-World Test Track

Capable of measuring repeated impact hits from speeds as low as 10 MPH up to 70 MPH

ICON testing vehicle - Testing

Specialized Testing Vehicle

ASTM F3016 surrogate 5,000 lb. vehicle.