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National Bike Safety Month

In honor of National Bike Safety Month, we would like to highlight some of the ways that you can help keep cyclists safe out on the road. In 2021, the National Safety Council reported that 1,230 people died in bicycle-related accidents. We would like to discuss some helpful tips that can be used to prevent these accidents and how our products at Impact Recovery can help protect pedestrians and cyclists.

It is important for cyclists to have proper protection when they are on busy, public roads. Riding directly next to traffic leaves cyclists exposed and vulnerable to fatal accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, protected bike lanes reduce the risk of injury by 75% compared to unprotected bike lanes. This is why Impact Recovery offers an array of traffic safety products for pedestrians, such as our OmegaPost, MP2 post, and Tuff Post.

The OmegaPost is ideal for lane separation when managing heavy-loads and high-speed impacts. This product surpasses most industry posts due to its lightweight and high-speed impact tolerance.

The MP2 Post is ideal for lane separation and bike lane protection. This product is a flexible polyethylene delineator and channelization post, allowing it to stand alone with a base or pair with a Tuff Curb or Tuff Curb XLP.

The Tuff Post is a durable, flexible polypropylene delineator and channelization post. This product is intended to function as a lane divider and bike lane protector for use at lower speeds.

Remember to always take cyclists into consideration by driving with caution near bicycle lanes and making sure bike lanes are properly protected.

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