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Metro Flex

Metro Flex

Blow-Molded Directional Sign

Metro-Flex is a directional metro bollard that is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional and cost effective as well. Metro Flex’s four-sided, blow molded structure, and use of 3M™ Flexible Diamond Grade Sheeting provides increased conspicuity to convey important roadway alignment changes at center islands, in front of traffic signals or at side road junctions.

Metro Flex utilizes our patented reactive spring unit and “anti-twist” feature, that allows the sign to give upon impact and reorient the panel towards traffic.
Custom colors and legends are available upon request.

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Specification Sheet

Base Options :Fixed Base, One Base®, Quick Release Base, Recessed Base, Magnetic Base, Drivable Base

Color Options :White, Black

Reflective Sheeting:White, Yellow, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow Green, Black

Height Options :1m



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