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Omni-Ped® Pedestrian Signs

Omni-Ped® Pedestrian Signs

Four-sided Pedestrian Messaging Center

Omni-Ped provides enhanced conspicuity for both signalized and unsignalized intersections, in order to alert motorists to local laws concerning yielding to or stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks. Omni-Ped’s blow-molded, 4-sided design provides added benefit to pedestrians by providing fully customizable side panels that inform pedestrians of local ordinances or traffic conditions specific to their area. Omni-Ped pedestrian signs also increases crosswalk safety by alerting distracted pedestrians to the presence of vehicular traffic that could otherwise go unnoticed.

Omni-Ped’s durable one piece design and patented, anti-twist reactive spring system ensures the unit will stay in place impact after impact to reduce replacement costs.

Winner of the ATSSA 2010 Innovation Award.

FHWA Effectiveness Study

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Specification Sheet

Options:Stop, Yield, School, DC Law, Caution

Side Messages:Watch for Traffic, Look Both Ways, Walk Bicycles, Custom

Reflective Sheeting Color:Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow Green

Bases:Quick Release, Fixed, Drivable, One Base Portable

Height:48" Overall



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