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Opposing Traffic Lane Dividers

Opposing Traffic Lane Dividers

Work Zone Opposing Lane Delineators

Opposing Traffic Lane Dividers are part of the highway safety systems and provide work zones with more safety where traffic flow changes may become confusing for motorists. OTLDs are used at centerline to separate opposing traffic on two-lane, two way operations, and may be used in combination with the Impact Recovery Systems’ delineators and vertical panels.

OTLDs come standard with our patented anti-twist, reactive spring system that returns the panel to its original position after impact, to ensure product longevity and reduced replacement costs.

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Specification Sheet

Bases:Portable One Base, Surface Mount Fixed or Surface Mount Quick Release Bases

Panel Substrate:Orange, High Density Polyethylene

Dimensions:36" x 12" Overall

Retro-reflective Sheeting:Exceeds ASTM D4956 Type IV



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