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Recessed Base

Recessed Base

Gen 2 In-ground Snow-Plowable Base

Our low-profile Recessed Base was buildt to withstand the damaging effects of winter road maintenance vehicles (snow blows) and is ideal for snowplowable streets and parking lots. It is designed to set recessed into the pavement and is available as a fixed or quick release.  Use in low speed applications.

Note: Upright must be removed from base and stored during harsh winter weather to prevent damage by maintenance vehicles (snow plow blades). 

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Specification Sheet

Base Type:Recessed - Embeds 1½" Deep Into Pavement

Material:Ductile Iron - Chrome Plated

Dimensions:10" x 5" ( Plus ¼" Protruding Above Road Surface)

Compatible Uprights:Compatible With All Impact Traffic Uprights Except Drivable and Quarter Turn



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