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SlowStop Guardrail Systems

Our SlowStop guarding systems are modular and expandable to meet protection needs.

With our cast-iron elbow, tee, and cross-shaped tubular joints, we can easily configure custom guarding such as u-shaped brackets, safety railings, protection buffers, fences, and guardrail systems.

Our polycarbonate FlexRail guardrail attaches to our bollards to create virtually unbreakable barriers. The flexible material can withstand an incredible 24,870 lbs. of force without permanent deflection. It returns to its original shape again and again, impact after impact. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to install.

It can even be used to form curved barriers without bending machines. Each piece is injection-molded and colored yellow throughout.

This safety rail eliminates maintenance painting and resists undesirable warping and denting. The rails are recessed to allow for overlapping of multiple lengths.