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Sentinel Between Car Barriers System Installation Instruction


  • No special materials required.

Tools Required

  • Variable Speed Rotary Hammer 1” bit capacity (Power source needed)
  • 3/8 “ Carbide Tipped drill bit for rotary hammer
  • Ratchet or Electric Drill with appropriate square drive for sockets used
  • 9/16” Hex Socket for Wrench
  • ¼” Allen Wrench or T27 Tamper Resistant Torx Drive for post attachment
  • Centering Punch
  • Chalk-String Line
  • Hammer, Broom/Vacuum


Some installations require the use of tamper-resistant hardware. Special sockets or wrench inserts will be required. Required installation hardware may vary from listed base on site requirements. It is meant as a guide only. Ensure that you have proper installation tools prior to arriving at job site.

Installation and Assembly

1. Review detailed engineering plan regarding the configuration and location of the Sentinel Between Car Barrier.

2. Snap a string line 4” off edge of the platform on the tactile tile (5” for a small gap between rail edge and platform edge). Use the line as a guide to lay the rail sections in place, centering the anchor holes on the line, with all rail sections connected using the interlocking tabs. The posts need not be assembled to the rail at this time. Secure the end caps to each end.

3. While holding the rail assembly secure in its final location, mark each of the anchor-hole locations. Use a center punch to mark the locations and to start the holes. Set the rail assembly as a checking template to ensure that the holes are properly aligned.

4. Drill 3/8” holes to a depth of 2” at each of the locations previously marked with center punch. DO NOT USE THE rail as a drilling template as it will damage the rail.

5. Clean out the hole after drilling. Place a stud anchor into each hole and pound in until approximately 3/4” of thread remains above ground. With the rail in place, add washers and 3/8” hex bolts.

6. Tighten the anchor bolts using 9/16” socket, taking care not to over-tighten which may damage the rail. Maximum torque applied should be 15 ft.-lbs.

7. Install Sentinel posts in each of the available locations on the rail. The bottom knuckle of each post has two spare holes. These should be aligned perpendicular to the rail. See drawing below. Install and tighten four (4) 5/16” socket cap screws with flat washer for each post using ¼” Allen Wrench.