Surface Mount Quarter Turn Base Epoxy Installation Instruction


  • Surface Mount Quarter Turn Base
  • Epoxy Kit

Tools Required

  • Broom or Compressed Air
  • Epoxy Mixing Equipment
  • Small Hammer


  • It is the responsibility of the installer to determine the suitability of the substrate for proper anchorage.
  • Substrate shall be properly installed, in good repair, and generally crack free.
  • Consult with owner’s engineer as needed.
  • Pavement surface must be clean and dry.
  • Bottom surface of base must be adhesion treated by flame or plasma within 30 days of installation.

Installation and Assembly

1. Mix epoxy as directed by manufacturer’s instructions. Time, temperature, pressure, mix rations, working- and shelf-life all vary by manufacturer.

2. Lay down 16 to 24 ounces of epoxy per base (high end for high speeds) in a roughly square pattern that will more than cover the 8” x 8” base.

3. Align the base with arrows facing traffic and push into epoxy. Wiggle the base back and forth several times, filling underside channels and holes in base with epoxy.

4. Ensure epoxy extends around the outside of the base and through the anchor holes to form mechanical bonding.

5. Allow epoxy to dry 24 hours before installing posts for optimum performance. Take care to follow manufacturer’s recommendations for time and temperature.

6. Insert the post into the quarter turn socket. Start with the sign facing 90° counterclockwise to desired final position.

7. Push down and rotate the post clockwise until fully seated in the socket.

8. For standard model base, use a small hammer to install L-shaped keeper pin(s) through the base and into post holes. Lay pin flat such that is lies flat in the retention socket on top of base.

8A. If using a tamper proof base, install ¼” x 1-¼” stainless steel setscrew through base into one post hole. Setscrew should completely cover post thread end and prevent counterclockwise rotation under impact.