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Tuff Curb® Installation Instruction


  • Air or electric source needed.

Tools Required

  • Rotary Hammer 1” bit capacity
  • Impact Wrench, 1/2” drive
  • 3/4”/20mm Carbide Tipped drill bit for rotary hammer (minimum length 10”/250mm)
  • 15/16”/24mm Socket (6 point) for Impact Wrench
  • Hammer, broom, heavy duty extension cord


  • Recommends a delineator or sign be installed on each curb section.
  • Each 40” curb section comes standard with two 3MTM Raised Pavement Markers installed for maximum visibility.

Installation and Assembly

1. Review detailed traffic engineering plan regarding length, angle, spacing, location, and all related placement issues.

2. Draw a string line tight, 6” off the centerline of the curb. Use the string as a guide to lay the curb sections in place. Follow with the second, third, fourth, etc., with the desired spacing between curb sections. Factory spacing recommendation is no less than 1/2” apart. Spacing should be no more than 1” for visual considerations, however, if drainage or other considerations warrant more, gap is acceptable. Please note that the TUFF CURB installations should begin and end with an end section.

3. Drill one 3/4” hole 5” deep using one of the two side holes in the 40” curb section as the template.

4. Clean out the hole after drilling. Use the lag provided with the special sleeve as an anchor to keep the curb section in position while drilling the second hole. Clean out the second hole and install the sleeve using directions in Step 5.

5. Place the large washer on the lag and start the lag in the sleeve by threading it in approximately 1/2”. Pound the lag and sleeve through the hole in the curb section and into the previously drilled and cleaned pavement holes. Make sure anchor is pounded all the way to the bottom of the hole prior to tightening lag bolt.

6. Finish screwing the lag into the pavement taking care not to over tighten. Approximately 15’ pounds of pressure is all that is needed. Continue installing each curb section as described and in accordance with engineering plans. Pick up the string line.

7. Tapered nose and end sections are universal and can be installed on either end of curb system. Each tapered end has 3 holes. Anchor same as curb.

8. Each curb system is equipped with a quick release system. To install upright into curb, simply position the unit in the desired position facing traffic and twist. The quick release pin will drop into position and lock the unit into place. To remove, simply lift the pin and twist.