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Brand New Traffic Post Poised to Increase Traffic Safety

Posted by KenParrott | 10 October 2019

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/—During a certified (NTPEP) high speed test conducted at the Texas Transportation Institute in September of 2019, a brand-new traffic post, the OmegaPost, demonstrated results that far surpassed any product of its kind that has been tested before. During the test, when installed on concrete with epoxy, the post withstood a full 200 hits at speeds of 70 mph making the OmegaPost the most durable traffic post in existence by far.

Speaking of the OmegaPost following the NTPEP test, Impact Recovery President Greg Hannah said: “In our 28 year history I have never been more proud of a traffic product.”

Due to the increased speeds of many roadways across the country, proper traffic delineation protocols have become more important than ever. Traffic posts have long served this need in helping to channel traffic in school zones, to separate highway lanes, and especially for use during long duration construction projects. As high-speed traffic funnels into these lower speed delineation lanes, many traffic posts are hit and often destroyed making their constant replacement an increased expense and a safety hazard.

The OmegaPost is touted as a much GREENER entry into the world of traffic posts as well. Because the durability will mean a much longer “life” once it has been installed, fewer posts will find their way to landfills and fewer installations will result in less machinery and materials needed over time for their installation.

“After years of development, we think we've perfected the high-speed traffic delineator with an elegant design and minimal use of materials. The OmegaPost will not only provide up-front cost savings over the competition, but with its quick installation, proven durability, and ease of replacement, owner's will realize a low total life cycle cost while minimizing dangerous time spent on the highway by maintenance crews.” Ken Parrott, Impact Recovery Lead Engineer

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