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Customer Appreciation April ... Colorado Barricade

Posted by JPlacette | 04 April 2020

Here at Impact Recovery Systems we are so grateful for all of the partners we work with! One of those partners is Colorado Barricade. As customer of the month for April we wanted to highlight a little bit more about our 3 year partnership with Colorado Barricade and some of the amazing projects that they are doing in the Denver area.

Colorado Barricade has been working with Denver and surrounding areas for their traffic solutions for nearly 50 years. They have a strong commitment to the City of Denver to provide the highest quality products and services, which is exactly why they partner with Impact Recovery Systems.  When asking Erin Spicer of Colorado Barricade what is one of the best things about working with Impact Recovery Systems she immediately says Tim, the Regional sales manager for Impact Recovery.  Tim is always so prompt, sending over anything we need right away, he never leaves us waiting for anything. We really are grateful for all of the support we get from Tim whether it’s him attending a regional event with us, or meeting with customers to help explain products, it’s great to have so much support.

Colorado Barricade has been instrumental in helping the City of Denver in their Vision Zero Project, a plan to achieve zero traffic deaths or serious injuries by 2030. Vision Zero project has been successful in using Impact Recovery’s Tuff Curb and delineators in order to help create safer bike lanes around the city.  They have also used Impact’s new OmegaPost in high traffic bus turn lanes, in locations that most often couldn’t keep a delineator for more than a few weeks. They are  now going on 8 months with an OmegaPost still standing upright.

When asked what makes Impact Recovery Systems such a good fit for your customers, Erin says that it is the product versatility. There are so many options for installation and they work in so many varying applications and whenever we run into something that is not standard, Impact Recovery’s willingness to help modify and work around any issues is always amazing.

Here at Impact Recovery Systems we are truly grateful for our partnership with Colorado Barricade and their commitment to Vision Zero and traffic safety across Colorado.


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