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Customer Appreciation Award - SharpLine Solutions

Posted by JPlacette | 02 February 2020

At Impact Recovery System’s we are committed to quality, durability and safety…  we also love teaming with partners who are equally committed to those values as well. That is one of the reasons SharpLine-Solutions is our customer of the month for February.

John Gomez and his daughter Monica are a small but mighty team as they work together to spreading Impact Recovery Systems Products all along Southern California.  With a little over 10 years in the Traffic industry John knew when he started Sharpline-Solutions in 2016 that bring on Impact Recovery Systems products would be a must. Impact Recovery System’s durability and quality aligned perfectly with the Sharpline goal “to provide durable solutions for the safety of your worker, pedestrian and bicyclist.”

 When asked what the best part of working with Impact Recovery Systems John is quick to point out just how unique the Impact Recovery Systems products are. “There is such an ease of showing the benefits to end users, the product durability and Impact Recovery System’s willingness to stand behind their products, has made this a great partnership.”

When asked if there is a favorite product from Impact Recovery System’s John is quick to respond that he has done a lot of work with Tuff curb, but also really looking forward to what OmegaPost will do to the industry. With OmegaPost testing higher than any other post in the industry it is most certainly a game changer. John has been working with CalTrans in installing OmegaPost in high speed, high impact sections where they have been unable to keep post longer than a month, currently OmegaPost is at 4 months and still standing strong. This seemingly small difference can have a huge impact, less time changing out post means less risk for workers out on busy interstates and yet another way we can strive Toward Zero Deaths.

With so many great projects underway John does have a few favorites, citing the over 1200 Pedestrian panels on a yellow XLP tuff curb in LA, which have now become a standard spec item for the City of LA. Or the 980 yellow XLP with 36” long squeeze use to separate for vehicle cross over on a long winding road. There is not telling just how many lives have been saved by this project in preventing head on collisions.

When asking Monica what she has found to be the best part of working with Impact Recovery Systems, she cited the great working relationship they have with Impact. “A huge part of our success has been in getting customers their quotes in a timely manner and Impact Recovery Systems has been so helpful at getting us everything we need so quickly so we can turn over quotes to customer right away, I call Mary at the office anytime and she is always so helpful.”

All in all the partnership with Sharpline Solutions has been very successful, and with so many great projects underway we are looking forward to all that 2020 has in store. To learn more about SharpLine-Solutions be sure to check out their Page here.

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