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Customer Appreciations Awards- American Highway Solutions

Posted by JPlacette | 01 January 2020

Impact Rec­­­­­­­­­overy Systems is blessed to work with so many amazing customers an­­d distributors. We want to make sure we give credit to all of the people who make us GREAT, so starting this year we will have a Customer Appreciation award each month, highlighting just one of our Amazing Distributors or Customers.

When we first decided to roll out our Appreciation award, we had one name at the top of that list…We are so excited to announce American Highway Solutions for our January Customer Appreciation Award.

This amazing husband and wife duo has ­­accomplished so much since placing their first order as a distributor in 2017. John has been in the traffic industry for over 10 years, and when he pitched the idea of starting American Highway Solutions to his wife Tesha she was thrilled to jump on board and quickly became the brains of the operations. They have been humbled and honored with the success that American Highway Solutions has had in just a few short years.

When asked what they like about working with Impact Recovery Systems they both chimed in with what’s not to like! But above all they say they love working with all of the staff at Impact Recovery Systems. From Gregg Ubelhart always feeding them new product knowledge, Cheryl always a quick call away with customer support, to Mary in shipping making sure the orders get out in time, and Ken and Greg who always find an answer to whatever new question they bring.

What is your favorite Impact Recovery Products?

John: We really love SlowStop there is really just nothing like it, and when we show it to our customers and they find out how it solves the problem they are having they are so excited. And we have had a lot of really successful installations of Tuff Curb, it is such a clean product.

Tesha: We are also really excited about OmegaPost… We have several demo’s out for OmegaPost and we are confident they are going to turn into some really great orders.

John: We have always done really great with demo products. We find that when any of our customers demo Impact Recovery Systems products it always turns into an order for more. That has been a huge part of our success in working with Impact Recovery, is their openness to demo products for customers.

What do you think has been a key driver in your success with working with Impact Recovery Systems?

John: I think the support we get from Impact Recovery Systems has really been a huge factor in our success; we never have a question go unanswered. They will always seem to find a solution to any issues that our customers need. The communication has always been great.

Tesha: We really do feel like we are a part of the Impact Recovery family, we never feel out of the loop and feel like all of the work we do here is just an extension of the work being done at Impact Recovery Systems.

Thank you John, Tesha, and American Highways Solutions, for being a part of our Impact Recovery Systems Family. We really couldn’t have asked for a better team to start off our customer appreciation awards. We are confident that 2020 will be another great, record breaking year with amazing partners like American Highways Solutions working alongside us.

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