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Higher Speeds Bring Higher Roadway Standards

Posted by KenParrott | 10 October 2019

Higher Speeds Bring Higher Roadway Standards

Omegapost: Setting the Standard for Higher Speed/Safer Traffic Delineation

With an ever-increasing number of highways and roadways featuring speed limits higher than 55 mph, traffic control standards have had to increase as well. Due to higher speeds, cars are entering traffic control areas at greater speeds than ever before. As such, existing traffic delineators are failing at increasing rates and  new technology and standards  required to fit the bill.

Introducing the OMEGAPOST High Speed Traffic Delineator.

Constructed of an industry first high-performance plastic, the OmegaPost completed the National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) test in September of 2019 at the Texas Transportation Institute and the results were incredibly exciting!

Incredibly, OmegaPost installed on concrete withstood a full 200 hits at a speed of 70 mph! Not a single post failure was reported and the lean/list stayed within the tolerance level.

The OmegaPost will be ideal for any traffic control scenarios including HOV lanes, extended construction zones, and due to their extreme durability during key highspeed scenarios, even for use to separate highway lanes. They have already been deployed in several markets and although those areas have been lower speed areas, their durability has already surpassed any other post that had been used prior. OmegaPost has proven to be extremely crush resistant even for high volume truck and bus turn lanes.

Once the final report is available, all test data will be available to the public.

The OmegaPost is available in white and yellow and at heights of 28, 36, and 42 inches. The post promises incredibly simple installation and replacement and is designed with no fasteners, to corrode. In addition, the OmegaPost features a heavy load crush tolerance and is shipped with Type V super high intensity abrasion resistant retro reflective sheeting. With current testing demonstrating 200+ impacts at 70 mph, the OmegaPost is unrivaled in its class and is poised to become the industry standard post for all purpose traffic control.

OmegaPost by Impact Recovery Systems

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