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Parking Lot Safety Tips

Posted by JPlacette | 05 May 2020

With an increase in curbside pickup as a means of promoting social distancing, there are things that you can do to help ensure that your pickup areas remain visible and safe.

Staying proactive is a key in creating parking lot safety… Because often times drivers are not taking the necessary precautions within a parking lot. According to a 2017 National Safety Council Poll here are a few of things people admitted to doing within parking lots.



Keep walking surfaces free of tripping hazards - Trips due to parking curbs are a frequent cause of injury. Make sure walkways, paths and other walking surfaces are clear of holes, poles, rocks or debris that could contribute to a slip and fall. Curbs and sidewalk joints should be even.By utilizing a product like SlowStop rebounding Bollard sign post it is strong enough to eliminate traditional wheel stops, and remains highly visible, reducing any incident of tripping hazard.

Maintain proper drainage -  Standing water or ice can lead to slips, trips and falls. Make sure that water drains away from pedestrian areas, that storms drains are properly cleaned out and that there is no standing water in parking lots and walkways. Drain grates should contrast with the parking surface area

Install clear signage Clearly mark entrances, exits, pedestrian crosswalks and parking areas. The Impact Recovery Systems Pedestrian sign is highly visible, the effectiveness of these pedestrian safety signs have been repeatedly supported by independent studies to demonstrate distinct changes in motorist behavior and accident incidence following installation. The Sta-Rite Flexible Bollard sign post also offers enhanced visibility by adding a 7” diameter plastic bollard cover that flexes with the sign post using the Impact Recovery patented reactive spring technology.

Create Safe areas -The use of bollards within a parking lot can help to maintain a good traffic flow as well as clearly mark restricted areas. SlowStop’s surface mounted bollard allows for an easy 15 minute installation that will rebound after impact not damaging the post or the surrounding concrete.



To learn more about SlowStop’s rebounding Bollards or to receive a quote for you parking lot Click Here

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