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Uses for an Omni Ped

Posted by KenParrott | 09 September 2019

Impact Recovery's Omni Ped system gives traffic control and safety departments effective, flexible, affordable solutions to the problem of maintaining crosswalk safety, especially at unsignalized intersections.  These innovative products offer the following benefits:

Easy portability for use in rapidly changing environments.

Sturdy construction to withstand low and medium-speed impacts with ease.

Built-in anti-twist features that re-orient the sign towards the direction of traffic after impact for enhanced public protection.

Single or double-sided signage to meet your specific needs.

Single unit blow-molded polyethylene construction stands up to the elements while maintaining functionality year after year.

Fully compliant with MUTCD standards.

Suitable for both temporary and permanent uses.

Adaptable configurations for use as stop signs, school zone markers, and yield signs.

The perfect product for a wide range of settings, including parks, neighborhoods, airport drop-off and pickup zones, temporary crosswalks, around special events, and any environment that requires lightweight, durable, effective traffic control signage.

Our Omni Ped sign systems also offer solar-charged LED systems for increased visibility.  These units function up to 200 hours on a full charge, include a five year battery life, and stand out during the nighttime or in inclement weather.  They are perfect for settings that require enhanced traffic control methods.

Changing Social Conditions Call for Higher Visibility Signs

Westerners are living longer than ever before.  That's the verdict of numerous studies, which show that the average age of Americans, Canadians and Europeans is increasing.  Extended lifespans are welcome news, of course—they are proof that modern medical technology and healthier lifestyle choices make a difference.  However, an older population creates special challenges for public safety officials who must contend with the problems caused by deteriorating driving ability.  High visibility Omni Ped signage is one way to respond to this challenge.  Contact Impact Recovery today for more information or for your customized quote.

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