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SlowStop Handrails

Our SlowStop IronFlex system is known for its robust guarding protection.

The modular components can be used to create low single railings throughout a facility. These standard length rails are ideal for building and equipment protection against standard 5,000 lb. capacity forklifts.

All of our rails use our patented rebounding technology to eliminate concrete damage from post impacts and resist denting during rail impacts. The height is ideal for stopping pallets and counter-weights and minimizes flex distance. Set up in 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths, sections can be mixed and matched to fit a required layout. Pipe can even be field cut for exact fits.

Add one of these maintenance-free bollard covers to our standard rebounding bollards to increase the height or change colors. Covers are pre-fitted to fit over our rebounding steel pipe bollard and they install in just minutes. Never paint a bollard again! The covers are available in 4” and 6.”