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Base Systems

Interchangeable Base System

Our bases and curbs have been designed with a universal locking plate pattern to secure our traffic uprights in place. This innovative feature makes our fixed and quick release bases compatible with our full line of flexible posts and panels. Easily mix and match products to create a practical, cost effective solution to meet your traffic safety needs. Interchangeable bases are available as fixed or quick release. Drivable spring type & fitting is not interchangeable.

Fixed Base (Standard)

The fixed base is a surface mount base designed for permanent applications.

Quick Release Base

The quick release base offers a unique quick release feature designed for permanent or long term applications.  This feature provides the ability to change out or remove products in less than five seconds without the use of tools or special equipment.  

Quarter Turn Base

The quarter turn base is specifically designed for the OmegaPost high-speed delineator. It offers greater post retention along with quick post replacement times.


OneBase® is easily stored, stacked, and transported. It is perfect for temporary applications and comes standard as a quick release option.

Tuff Curb®

The Tuff Curb® base is a durable, high-visibility traffic separator curb.  It is available in a fixed or quick release option.

Tuff Curb XLP®

Tuff Curb XLP® is a low-profile separator curb, and is engineered for high-speed, high impact applications. It is available in a fixed or quick release option.