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SlowStop is our premier protective guarding product line. With rugged construction and innovative rebounding technology, these systems absorb more impacts and lasts longer providing our customers with better value and greater peace of mind- year after year.

How It Works

During a collision, the kinetic energy of the impact is absorbed by an elastomer hidden in the base of the vertical post. The post is able to tilt approximately 20° as it progressively absorbs energy, softening the impact. After the impact, the post returns upright, leaving the guard intact and ready to perform again.

SlowStop® is designed as an easily maintained modular system that prevents damage. Modular connectors create fences, corner guards, column protectors, rack end guards, and so much more!

The system is made up of four main components (pictured right):
  1. Post (standard schedule 40 / ISO pipe or equivalent)
  2. Base
  3. Adapter
  4. Elastomer (energy absorbing)


  • Increased Personnel & Pedestrian Safety
  • Reduced Damage to Assets, Equipment, & Pedestrians
  • Simple Installation & Instantly Operational
  • Modular System & Custom Fencing/Barriers
  • Easy Relocation & Retrofitting
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