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Transit Barriers

Sentinel is our platform-mounted guarding system designed to alert visually impared riders of the space between the rail cars, letting them know that it is not a door opening. This allows them to avoid the gap and deters them from falling to the rails below.

Sentinel is ideal for rail transportation systems that have elevated platforms and level boarding conditions with consistent rail car length. Its modular design allows for easy customization of rail lengths and post heights in order to meet situational and local legislative requirements. Uprights are also available with retro-reflective sheeting.

Emergency Access to Reactive Spring Technology​

Built into every Sentinel upright is our patented reactive spring system. A unique compression spring assembly concealed within each post offers optimal strength to support our flexible uprights while allowing them to remain traversable.

In the case of an emergency, or should the train experience errant docking, our sentinel posts allow wheelchairs, motorized carts or maintenance vehicles to roll over them. Once crossed the internal spring mechanism returns to post to its original, upright position for uninterrupted, lasting protection.

Meets Safety Requirements for Metropolitan Transit Authorities

Sentinel is the only platform-mounted between-car barrier system that meets the provisions placed by the Federal Transit Administration.

The Federal Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) require transit agencies to take steps to ensure the visually impaired patrons do not fall from the elevated platform to the trackway below in the space between the train’s coupled vehicles.

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Sentinel is comprised of a propriety blend of material that satisfy the mechanical, cosmetic & fire retardant requirements for metropolitan transit authorities.
Flammability:Meets UL94 V-0 Fire Rating Standard
Chemical Resistance:Provides Delta E measurements of 2
Weathering: Accelerated weathering tested according to ASTM G26 2500kl, Minimum gloss retention level of 60% after 4 years of weathering.
Tail Height:1” ADA Compliant. Sentinel’s ultra low-profile rail was developed to minimize hazards.
Traversability:Post are traversable to allow wheelchairs or motorized cars to roll over them in case of train docking errors.
Minimal Connection Points to Platform:Addresses electrical conductivity concerns within the platform. Only 3 anchors per rail.
Theft Resistance:All hardware, except anchors, is tamper resistant.


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Modular Design

For Seamless Integration

The innovative, component-based design of our Sentinel Between Car Barrier System allows for seamless integration into any new or existing light rail platform design.

Each rail is interconnected to allow the length of the installation to be customized to meet the needs of each unique application.

Post heights can also be customized in order to meet local situational needs.

Posts feature a yellow domed cap and are available with or without optional retro-reflective sheeting bands.

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Increased Safety

For The Visually Impaired

Sentinel helps to deter visually impaired individuals from entering the area between the train cars and falling to the rails below.

In many locations, the Sentinel BCB protection system has also been used by the visually impaired passengers as a way-finding device. Passengers can align themselves with the last bollard of the Sentinel protection barrier, using it as a reference point and know exactly how many paces to walk in order to more easily find the door to the train.

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Durable Construction

For Lasting Protection

Sentinel BCB is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. It is comprised of a proprietary blend of materials that satisfy the mechanical, cosmetic and flame resistance requirements of metropolitan transit authorities.

This highly durable material is resistant to ultraviolet light, ozone and hydrocarbons.

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Quick & Easy Installation

Instantly Operational

This lightweight, surface-mounted rail protective system is quickly and easily installed using common tools and anchors.

Once secured, the unit is instantly operational.

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Integral Colorization

Fade Resistant

An integral colorization process produces bright, vivid, fade-resistant color throughout for lasting visibility.

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Patented Reactive Spring

A unique, built-in compression spring returns the post to its original, upright position after impact, maintaining continuous, lasting protection.

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Reduced Maintenance

Save time and money by only replacing the components that have worn out.