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Traffic Safety

Traffic safety products play a crucial role in improving road safety by preventing accidents, reducing fatalities, and ensuring smooth and safe traffic flow. Impact RecoverySM provides innovative and reliable range of safety devices such as visible signs, flexible posts, and channelizing devices.

Explore our website to discover how our traffic safety products can help create a safer environment for everyone on the road. We have solutions to help ensure the safe movement of road users.

Our Innovative Technology: The Reactive Spring

Anti-Twist Spring

Our patented, anti-twist feature provides posts, signs, and panels with the ability to sustain impacts from any direction. This built-in reactive spring assembly reorients after impact and consistently returns the unit to its original forward-facing position.

Strength and Durability

This unique compression spring assembly offers optimal strength to support flexible posts and information panels. Its performance does not rely on the memory of a plastic shell to return upright after impact. This added durability can significantly improve the life and effectiveness of the rebounding unit.

Rigorous Testing

The spring system and its component parts undergo extensive testing to ensure products maintain durability and optimal functionality. They have been recognized for exceeding safety standard NCHRO-350, are Category 1 Self Certified, and MASH 2016 accepted.

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Internal Spring Mechanism

Our anti-twist reactive spring assembly is concealed within the post to provide optimal strength and performance for each product.