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Stronger, Longer-Lasting Safety Products

Find everything you need to save lives, protect critical infrastructure, and mitigate risk.

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Traffic Safety

We have been innovating and improving roadway and traffic safety design since 1991.

Protective Guarding

Our revolutionary energy-absorbing SlowStop® bollard system protects your most valuable assets.

Transit Barriers

Our platform-mounted guarding system, Sentinel, brings a new level of safety to the transit industry.

Market Expertise


We offer several safety products utilized by airports across the globe to protect air bridges, baggage areas, and parking lots or garages.


From automotive manufactures, to dealerships, to repair shops, our safety products can be found throughout the world, protecting people, property and equipment.

Convenience & Fuel

Our high-quality, high-impact protective guarding products reduce exposure and mitigate liability by protecting storefronts, gas pumps, and other sensitive areas.

& Municipal

From our pedestrian safety systems to traffic panels, markers and bike lane protection, our products are utilized by government agencies across the globe.


Protecting storefronts and retail establishments throughout the world, our durable safety products help improve employee and customer safety.

Transit Systems

We help transit systems ensure visually impaired riders do not fall from the elevated platform to the trackway below.

& Storage

We offer a plethora of protective guarding products including bollards, column protectors, guardrails, handrails, and rack end protection.

Work Zone Construction

We provide a number of durable products improving construction safety, including pedestrian safety, directional signs, and permanent markers.

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“The OmegaPost is changing our industry, and orders from Impact Recovery are always timely and accurate, with one of the best lead times in the industry.”

M. H. | Sales Representative, Sharpline Solutions

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“We choose Impact Recovery’s SlowStop® products over competitors for many reasons: high quality, responsive service, and competitive pricing.”

S. H.  | Associate Construction Proj. Engineer, Hello Fresh

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We’re constantly improving the way you protect people and property.

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