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SS5Y-42-SF, SS5S-42-SF

StoreFront Bollard

SlowStop® announces the industry’s first surface mounted, ASTM F3016 rated StoreFront Protection Bollard. Now you can protect your building and customers from pedal error accidents without expensive installations or costly concrete cored solutions. StoreFront safety retrofits have never been easier or more cost effective. Using our unique rebounding technology, we’ve redesigned our 5” round base specifically for the storefront application.

This new design stopped the ASTM F3016 surrogate 5,000-pound vehicle at 10.4 mph (Feq = 13,250 lbf @ 36” height) without a scratch leaving it ready to perform again. Available in base yellow with a domed metal cap, this attractive unit will remain upright despite bumps or even significant impacts. Reduce your need to paint, or even add a plastic cover for brand coloring.

For those wanting a maintenance-free option and the ultimate in corrosion resistance, brushed stainless steel pipes are available.

ASTM Certified StoreFront Protection Bollard

Forged in the USA. US Patents 9,938,677 B2 and 11,136735 B2.


  • Color: RAL 1023 Yellow Pipe on RAL 9005 Black Pedestal (Stainless Steel Available)
  • Diameter: 5.56” (5” ANSI Schedule 40)
  • Product Weight: 105 lb.
  • Product Height: 42” overall
  • Impact Rating: ASTM F3016 - S10 - 5,000 pounds @ 10.4 mph
  • Temperature Rating: -40°F - 150°F
  • Pipe Coating: 60 μm Galvanized + 150 μm Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating
  • Cast-Iron Coating: Environmentally Friendly Water-based E-Coat + Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating
  • Set Screws: Five (5) M16
  • Anchor Screws: Six (6) 3/4” x 5-1/2” Concrete
  • Cap: Metal, RAL 1023 Yellow

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