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Case Study: Industrial Equipment Protection


Beverage Distributors, Inc. Clarksburg, West Virginia


Beverage Distributors, Inc. recently purchased two new in-ground lifts to improve productivity. These lifts make it possible to load and unload box trucks while larger trucks use the loading docks. The addition of the new lifts created the ability to load more trucks in a timely manner. However, it also created more traffic within the warehouse. A solution to help control the flow of traffic around the lifts as well as protect the costly investment was needed.


SlowStop® was able to control foot traffic between the lift with a two-rail horseshoe bollard. Hydraulic pumps are stationed in between the lifts. The horseshoe bollard serves two purposes; one protects the pumps from trucks and the other to eliminate foot traffic between the lifts. Flexrail guardrail protects the exterior of the lifts and from employees while in operation. All guarding is able to withstand impacts from the truck while leaving the lifts completely unharmed.

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