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3″ IronFlex Cross Connector

Our connector system allows you to build fencing and cross posts without the need for welding pipe. Simply slide the pipe into the connector and tighten the special set-screws. Multiple bases connected together greatly increase the stopping power of the SlowStop® system.

Cross connector for 3” SlowStop® pipe. Our cross joint is made of the same tough nodular cast iron as our SlowStop® bases. Hardware included.


  • Color: RAL 9003 Black
  • Diameter: 3” (2.5” ANSI Schedule 40)
  • Overall Height: 9.1"
  • Product Weight: 15 lb.
  • Temperature Rating: -40°F - 150°F
  • Cast Iron Coating: Environmentally Friendly Water-based E-Coat + Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating
  • Set Screws: Twenty Four (24) M12

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