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IronFlex Rack End Guard Type 1 – International

Our all new-design is compact and easy to install. Using our SlowStop® rebounding technology along with a specially created horizontal adapter, we’ve created a rack end protector that gives when impacted and rebounds to perform again. Anchors are fully protected from forklift impact and kept away from the critical turning corner. Customizable for any length rack or set of racks.

Use to avoid forklift damage that can result in failed racks, expensive repairs, and the potential for government fines. These are stronger than any welded guard and will prevent constant damage, maintenance, and replacement. The Type 1 guard is ideal for light to medium duty traffic. The center-line height of the 76mm horizontal pipe is 184mm. Low profile base can be placed under or nearly under rack ends to reclaim valuable floor space.

Also available with elbow connectors to wrap around the front side of rack ends for further protection.


  • Color: RAL 1023 Yellow Pipe on RAL 9005 Black Pedestal
  • Diameter: 76,1 mm x 5 mm pipe
  • Height: 18,5 cm to centerline (22 cm overall)
  • Max Tilt: 75 mm
  • Impact Rating: 10.900 joules
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C - 70°C
  • Pipe Coating: Galvanized + Polyester Powder Coating
  • Base Coating: Environmentally Friendly Water-based E-Coat + Polyester Powder Coating
  • Widths: 800 mm Part # SS-T1Y-REP-80; 900 mm Part# SS-T1Y-REP-90; 1100 mm Part# SS-T1Y-REP-100; 1700 mm Part# SS-T1Y-REP-170; 1900mm Part# SS-T1Y-REP-190

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