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Plastic Bollard Cover

Add one of these maintenance-free Bollard Covers to our standard rebounding bollards to increase the height or change colors.  Add optional wide 3” reflective sheeting to increase conspicuity.

Covers are sized to fit over our rebounding steel pipe bollard, and they install in just minutes.  4” Bollard Covers fit our 3” and 4” models.  6” Bollard Cover fit our 5” and 6” models.

These also install over standard pipe bollards to protect from scratching, provide coloring, or increase visibility.  See our detail drawings to select the correct size for your pipe bollard.  Easily drilled to fit over sign-post bollards.


  • Color Option: Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, White
  • Reflective Tape: None, Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Black
  • Diameter: 5.5 “ (5.25” ID); 7.35” (7.10” ID)
  • Thickness: 1/8” Wall
  • Height: 52” (up to 60” available)

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