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SS4Y-42-SP, SS5Y-42-SP

Rebounding Bollard Sign Post

Create a resilient handicap parking bollard that is strong enough to eliminate traditional wheel stops. This bollard kit comes complete with a rebounding metal bollard, a signpost, HDPE sign, brackets, and anchors. Our SlowStop® rebounding bollard technology will prevent damage to the sign and vehicles as well as surrounding concrete. Merely install on a concrete pad, provide foam to pour inside the steel bollard and forget about damaged signposts and vehicles.

Meets IBC 1607.8.3 requirements to resist 6,000 pounds of force at 27” height.

Also available with van accessible sign face and without placard (with brackets) as a plain signpost.


  • Color Options: Yellow
  • Reflective Sheeting Color: White
  • Height Options: 78", 102"
  • Additional Plastic Bollard Cover Options: Yellow, White, Tan, Red, Orange, Light Grey, Grey, Green, Brown, Blue, Black, Bright Green, Federal Yellow

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